Vacation Notice + Free Printable 2016 Calendar

Veronika's Little World || Webcomic || 2016 Free Printable Calendar in PDF

We're going on a long overdue vacation...

How's everyone doing? Hope you all manage to stay sane in this busiest time of the year. Things have been more than a little crazy over here for ourselves, what with works, end of year school performances, Christmas shopping and family gatherings, but I guess we have no choice but to soldier on (and find a bit of me-time here and there in between :p) 

That's why we decided to go on a long relaxing holiday after the end of year's festivities to recharge our energy. Veronika's Little World will be on holiday from 28 Dec 2015 to 1 February 2016. My apology for not being able to update during the break, but I promise to be back with more episodes and drawings after the school holiday ends! :)

I also would like to say a BIG thank you to all my readers who have stuck with me through my highs and lows in the past year. For you all, I have created a 4"x6" printable 2016 desk calendar. You could download the calendar here. The PDF will be opened in a new tab/window, and all you have to do is to right click and choose 'save as' option if you wish to print it later. Anyway, here's how the calendar looks like I took lots of pictures of it and I couldn't resist showing off a little bit ;-) I'm quite proud of how it turns like, haha. 

TERMS & CONDITIONS : For private use only. That means you could print the calendar as many times as you want to, but no selling or reusing the graphics for your own design or website without permission, please. I swear there will be consequences!
Veronika's Little World || Webcomic || Downloadable 2016 Free Printable Calendar
Veronika's Little World || Webcomic || Downloadable 2016 Free Printable Calendar
Veronika's Little World || Webcomic || Downloadable 2016 Free Printable Calendar

Some note about printing and displaying: If you do print it out, my advice is to print it on matt thick photo paper or something similar. As it 4"x6", you could always bring it to places  like Officeworks (in Australia) or maybe at Walmart in United States? Not sure where you could go in USA as I live in Australia. 

Mine was printed on drawing paper (probably around 250 gsm in thickness) and I used Epson printed (set on photo quality setting). I love how the watercolour effect looks against the paper grain. I also clipped the corners so they're rounded. 

As for the display, you could hang it using bulldog clip or even display it individually with washi tape or even pinned onto a cork message board. Or may be you prefer to make a makeshift stand? Try CD case! Take off the front CD cover and flip it over so that it can form a stand and take off the CD holder. I was lucky enough to own the stand in the pictures above.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy my little Christmas pressie. And if you like it please don't hesitate to share them with the people in you life. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!



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Yummy and Scrumptious Marshmallow Ballerina Pops

Yummy and Scrumptious Marshmallow Ballerina Pops | Ballerina Themed Party Series

Hello! Welcome back to my ballerina themed birthday party series. This is the third post in the instalments. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, the Ballerina birthday party was a project collaboration that happened back in July for my cousin's daughter's 3rd birthday. I was responsible for creating the cake topper, dessert and baking the cake itself while my friend Maureen was responsible for creating the majority of the decorations, Do-It-Yourself way. For those who come right in the middle of the series, here are the DIY ballerina cake topper and the DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath that we used for the party, complete with tutorials and free printable templates. As for today, I would like to present you with my version of marshmallow ballerina pops. scrumptious! 

So, here is what you need.

jumbo size marshmallows | strawberry-jam filled marshmallows | mini cupcake patties

pink marker | vanilla malt syrup |  cake pop sticks | pink-coloured sugar


  1. If you can't find ready-to-use pink polka-dotted cupcake patties, make your own by dotting the plain ones. If you can't find pink coloured sugar, you might also want to make your own pink-dyed sugar by following this tutorial here.

  2. Cut jumbo marshmallow half - dip one into vanilla malt syrup sticky-end first.

  3. Roll marshmallow in pink coloured sugar.

  4.  Stack the marshmallow in the following order: bottom half of white marshmallow - cupcake patty - pink marshmallows - sugar coated top half of white marshmallow.
    Note: if you can't find strawberry-jam filled pink marshmallows, any pink marshmallow will do. When stacking the marshmallows, be careful not to put the sticky bit of the cut marshmallows at the bottom.

  5. Skewer them from top to bottom with the cake pop stick.

  6. Tadaaaaa!!! You're done! Now you can eat ;-)

Yummy & Scrumptious Marshmallow Ballerina Pops Tutorial | Ballerina Themed Birthday Party Series

Very cute, isn't it? Best yet, this doesn't take a long time to make, and you can always change the topping according to your party theme. Drizzle it with chocolate? Oh yum! Totally coat the marshmallow? Yes, please!

Anyhow, I have to say I love how this turns out. So, what do you think? Here is a few more eye candies for you. 

Yummy and Scrumptious Marshmallow Ballerina Pops | Ballerina Themed Birthday Party Series
Yummy and Scrumptious Marshmallow Ballerina Pops | Ballerina Themed Birthday Party Series
Yummy and Scrumptious Marshmallow Ballerina Pops | Ballerina Themed Birthday Party Series
Yummy and Scrumptious Marshmallow Ballerina Pops | Ballerina Themed Birthday Party Series

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*I share my posts at these link parties. Check them out for more inspirations!

DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath + Printable Ballet Shoes Template

DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath + Printable Ballet Shoes Template

Hello, everyone! Today I'm returning with another DIY tutorial for my ballerina themed birthday party series. For those who are visiting for the first time, the Ballerina birthday party was a project collaboration that happened back in July for my cousin's daughter's 3rd birthday. My good friend Maureen, who was the mastermind behind the beautifully designed background and dessert table, has very kindly given me the permission to share a few aspects of her designs in my blog. In the first instalment of the series, I featured my DIY ballerina cake topper with the free printable template. This time I would like to present to you Maureen's beautiful baby's breath floral wreath and her ballet shoes silhouette. Here you will learn how to create the floral wreath and the ballet shoes silhouette, complete with free template. 

This floral wreath is not difficult to make, although I have to say you need to spare at least 3-4 hours the day before the event since we're working with fresh flowers here. Other than that what you need is patience and an eye for detail and a DIY spirit! For those who have no access to fresh baby's breath, you could also use artificial flowers. The beauty of this project is, you can use it for your home decoration well after the party is finished if you choose to use artificial flower. Another thing is you can also work with any flowers of your choice, but today's tutorial uses baby's breath. 

DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath Tutorial + Printable Ballet Shoes Silhouette Template

Floral wreath - You will need: 

 Florist green adhesive tape - bunches of baby's breath (or flowers or your choice) - wire (ours was 18 gauge) - strong scissors

Create tiny bunches of baby's breath, leaving about 5 cm of stem and wrap them individually with the green florist tape. Make sure the size of the tiny bouquets are fairly similar. Combine 4 strands of wire together for pliable strength and shape it into an upside down circular shape. Wrap the wires with florist tape. Arrange the baby's breath bunches along the shape to the same direction and tape it along, and you're done!

Tip: try to cut the stems of the first flower bunch as short as possible so that when you position it at the beginning of the wreath it is almost invisible. 

Now, you can put whatever you want in the middle of the flower wreath, but if you are interested in making the ballet shoes silhouette, here is the how. 

Ballet shoes silhouette - You will need: 

Ballet shoes template (A3 or A4/letter size)- cardboard paper - pink coloured fabric (apporx. 25x45cm or 10"x18") - glue stick - double-sided tape (I usually use Scotch tape, but this is optional if you want to use glue) - pencil - pen knife - a pair of scissors - pink satin ribbon (optional) - pva glue

Download the ballet shoes template and print. If your printer can handle printing A3 size, then download this pdf, but if not you can download this pdf instead and print it onto 2 separate A4 or letter size pieces of paper and join them. Trace your template onto your cardboard paper and cut the silhouette out.

Place the silhouette right side face down on the back of the pink fabric and start tracing 2 outlines: one around 1 cm (or .5") outside the edge, and one right on the actual shape itself. This will give you enough material to wrap the pink fabric over the ballet shoes silhouette.

After you're done, put the cardboard aside and cut from the outer edge in to form small tabs. Glue the silhouette and carefully place it back right inside the inner outline, taking care to pull the fabric to smooth any wrinkle or folds. After the fabric is properly stretched over the silhouette, fold the tabs over the edge and fasten them on the back of the silhouette using glue or double-sided tape. Make two satin bows and glue them on as pictured and you're done!

To fasten them on the wall, we use Command's picture hanging strips for the silhouette and hooks for the floral wreath. Blu-tack is also an option if you're worried about the wall paint peeling off, but Command's are quite reliable. 

So, what do you think? It is really quite adorable, no? Here are two more pictures of the wreath and the silhouette together. Pretty cool for a little girl's room, too, don't you think?  

DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath Tutorial + Printable Ballet Shoes Silhouette Template
DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath Tutorial + Printable Ballet Shoes Silhouette Template
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*Term and condition: template is free for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

*This post contains affiliate links. That means I may receive a small amount of comissions for some of the links in this post at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own, though. Thank you very much for your continual support.

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DIY Printable Ballerina Cake Topper

Ballerina There Birthday Party | Printable Cake Topper

Yoohoo, people! How is everyone doing on this fine Tuesday morning? I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July for those who celebrate. I live in Australia, but all the pins and projects on the Fourth of July has brought in mind our very own Australia Day, which is the highlight of summer. It is cold and dreary where I am here at the moment, so excuse me while I'm dreaming of hot summer BBQ and riverside picnic for a moment. 

Anyway. Let's move on to the topic on hand - the ballerina party. Two months ago, my cousin has trusted me and a very good friend of mine - Maureen - to plan her daughter's 3rd birthday party. What an honour! Not only that, she also gave us full reign of the design aspects - within the theme and budget, of course. I was ecstatic! For those who haven't known me for a long time, planning children's party is a hobby of mine. It started with my own children's and somehow it expanded to include the children of my friend and family. 

Ahem..! SO, over the next few months, I am going to bring you some elements of the ballerina party. Maureen has very kindly allowed me to feature her beautiful designs in my blog. She was the master mind of the party, and she was in charge of designing the dessert table, while I am in charge of the cake and the dessert. 

So, what's in store for today? I thought I'd start with my own work and show you...the cake! Bear in mind that I'm not a professional baker, so it is not the cake itself I want to talk about, but this. The printable ballerina cake topper, which is available for download for all of you as a thank you for supporting me so far! The cake topper in the pictures below has been personalised, but the printable file just has a generic happy birthday in it. Unfortunately at the moment the Pdf is not available as editable.


There are two important elements in this ballerina birthday party. The first one is of course, the ballerina herself, and the second is the baby's breath bunches. And since Maureen decided to create the beautiful baby's breath wreath as the backdrop of the dessert table, I decided to incorporate the baby's breath element into my design as well. I'm very happy with the way she looks. I love the softness and the sweetness of it all. 

So how do I make the cake topper? Here's how. 

What you need

Ballerina printable - bamboo skewers - card stock - pen knife - glue - 20x20cm tulle - heavy duty thread - big needle    

Ballerina Theme Birthday Party Cake Topper | Instructions

Print ballerina onto thick stock paper. If your printer can't handle very thick paper, put two stock cards together after printing so you will have a stiff backing. This is important so that your ballerina is strong enough not to bend under its own weight. After you print and/or paste it onto a second sheet for extra strength, carefully cut out the ballerina.

DIY Ballerina Theme Birthday Party Cake Topper

Turn the ballerina over and glue bamboo skewer. Take care to reinforce the arm and wrist area. If you're afraid that the arms will bend, the alternative is to reinforce the cake topper like this:

DIY Ballerina Theme Birthday Party Cake Topper

While waiting for the glue to dry, sew the tulle skirt. Take 4 strands of thread together and make a knot big enough so that it will not slip through the tulle. Fold the piece of tulle into a rectangle,  sew a straight stitch and scrunch it into a skirt. When the skirt is done, run through another 4-strand, but this time don't knot the endings. Tie the skirt around the ballerina's waist instead.  

DIY Ballerina Theme Birthday Party Cake Topper

You're done!

DIY Ballerina Theme Birthday Party | Cake Topper
DIY Ballerina Theme Birthday Party Cake Topper

Cute, no? What about some cake action? Don't look at the cake too hard. I almost died when the cake turned out like the Tower of Pisa.

Ballerina Theme Birthday Party | Cake Topper
Ballerina Theme Birthday Party | Cake Topper

Terms and Conditions: you're welcome to use the ballerina printable, but only as cake topper and for personal use ONLY. Please contact me if you would like to use it commercially. Also, sharing is always great, and I encourage my readers to share, but please share only one or two pictures and always link back at Tickled Pink Confetti. Thanks very much! 

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6 School Holiday Activities That You Can't Help but Adore

6 School Holiday Activities that You Can't Help but Adore

When I checked Miss O's school calendar recently, I came to a ghastly realisation. SCHOOL HOLIDAY WILL BE HERE IN TWO WEEKS!!! Eeeeekkkk!!! *hyperventilating mode on*.

If you are like me in any way, you will probably be quite intimidated by this one thing: SCHOOL HOLIDAY! Why, you ask? Because I am an introvert mum. And this introvert mum dreads being surrounded by her children 24/7, non-stop. 

Don't get it wrong, I love being together with my children, but I'm also the first to admit that although their presence delights me in so many ways, their seemingly never-ending energy drains mine rather quickly. Plus I'm not the type of person who enjoys playing with little kids (I somewhat learnt to enjoy it through a long process, but that's another story). When that happens I have this overwhelming need to go to a secluded corner and have a little bit of time with myself. 

Having said that, I'm trying to be prepared for the school holiday. At the moment I'm trying out a three-month subscription with Little Passports for Miss O. It is a monthly subscription of global adventure activity packs where little ones can learn about different histories, geographies, cultures and languages around the world. I'm really looking forward to see her reaction when the first package arrives in the mail. It will especially be addressed for her, and that's a great thing because kids these days rarely receive something in the mail. The signature blue suitcase should arrive any day now. I got O the World Edition, so there will be plenty to explore. Anyway, you could find out more about Little Passports here.

But other than that, what else? 

I want to make this school holiday a little bit more interesting and organised, so I've been on a lookout for interesting indoor activities for the children. I do have a few requirements when I decide what's included in our must-do list. It has to be easy enough for a 6-year-old to do and enjoy, and if it's a craft activity, it has to be something that looks good in our home or something that we can actually use. Heh. And of course, it has to be fun! 

Am I asking too much? Anyway, after hours of Pinterest and net browsing, this is the list. I reckon they all look adorable, and I'm a sucker for all things cute and pretty.

6 Indoor Children Holiday Activities that You Will Adore


  1. This DIY Terrarium is perfect for our curious little gardener (via Madey Edlin)
  2. Bored inside? Not to worry! This Newspaper Fort will provide hours of entertainment (via All for the Boys
  3. This Suncatcher Hoop is great for toddlers and older children alike. Plus, it could be a permanent addition to your home decor (via Estéfi Machado)
  4. Feel like a little bit of science project? Observe how crystals grow by making this Rainbow Rock Candy. It could also double as a pretty gift for a sweet-toothed loved one (via Happiness is Homemade)
  5. Practice your brush strokes with this easy-to-make Watercolour Card. And get yourself a collection of ready-to-use greeting cards, too (via Little Girl Designs)
  6. I've been looking forward to making this Clay Bead Necklace ever since the first time I saw the tutorial. I wonder how it'll turn out? (via Little Girl Designs)

So, what do you think? Is two-week school holiday enough time to make all of them?
I am going to attempt making at least two of them, and you should try doing these wonderful activities, too! 

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DIY Washi Tape Confetti Light Switch Decal

Remember my post on light switch makeover ideas? If you haven't read it you could read it here. There I listed some of the cutest light switch makeovers available in the Internet. And best of all, most of them are DIY, and will not actually take a long time to do. All you need is an afternoon all to yourself, happy thoughts and some elbow grease. Aaaaannnd..... as a good netizen of the world, I finally decided to make my very first contribution to the DIY universe the 'DIY washi tape confetti light Switch decal' tutorial!  Gosh, that's a mouthful. But I promise you, it IS doable, and before long you'll be absorbed in this little project.  So here we go.

DIY washi tape confetti light switch decal | Decor idea | Craft project | Home and Garden

How to make DIY Washi Tape Light Switch Decal part1 | Decor Ideas | Craft project | Home and Garden
How to make DIY Washi Tape Light Switch Decal | Decor Ideas part2 | Craft project | Home and Garden

What to do

  1. Place various strips of washi tapes on the paper surface. 
  2. Cut them into strips.
  3. Use hole puncher to make confetti. 
  4. Peel off paper from the back of the confetti.
  5. Stick the washi-tape confetti on the light switch plate in your desired pattern.

What you need

  1. scissors
  2. scrap paper - any paper will do
  3. various washi tapes the colours of your choice 
  4. single hole puncher - the normal one with the double punchers also works. 



Why use paper? Paper will actually help reinforcing the washi tape as the hole puncher moves through it. One thing to remember, though. When cutting the strips, include a tiny bit of washi-less paper on the edge and include a little bit of this when punching the confetti out (just very tiny so your confetti don't look like half moon). This will help peeling off your washi confetti. Trust me, I learn the hard way. The washi confetti should be repositionable so don't be afraid to make mistake. 

So that's that!

Very simple, right? It's perfect for an afternoon of craft together with your child (you peel s/he sticks, anyone?), and the result is so cute you couldn't take your eyes off it (well, at least it is for me...) Now, to give you an idea, you could also place the confetti to form neat rows of polkadots instead of sticking them randomly like what I just did. Or, if you are feeling so inclined, you could also cut the washi tape into a simple triangle or mouth and create smiley face just like the Cotton-On Kids decal I showed you before.

Anyway, I hope you have fun making this as much as I did. Here is the final look of the light switch decal. If you like the tutorial, please share it with your friends so they could enjoy it, too. Thanks for reading and until next time!

Q | When's the last time you did a mini makeover around your home? If you haven't done any decorating for a while, what do you wish you could have done?

DIY Washi Tape Light Switch Decal Tutorial | Decor Idea | Craft Project | Home and Garden

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Mother and Grandmother Questionnaires {Mother's Day Free Printable}

With Mother's Day approaching in two days, I have just realised how unorganised I am. I guess this is the time for panicking, because guess what, Mother's Day will be here soon and I have nothing, nothing at all for my mum except for a Mother's Day card (in which Olivia so kindly wrote a personalised message on behalf of the other two grandchildren, too!) Luckily for me, I finally remembered the Mother's Day Questionnaire that I did a year ago *cringe*. I know, I know... but I suppose I can be forgiven because I'm trying to get this blog up and running smoothly really soon, can't I? 

Anyway, here are the printables. It's very simple, but I think it's perfect for very small children. Good exercise to indoctrinate them to love us mums and spoil us three-folds on Mother's Day *Muahahahahahahaha* I love the daisies, because for me daisies look just oh-so-innocent, and they are a reflection of childhood love.

Okay, enough philosophising. Here is the real deal.

Here are the links to download the questionnaires for mums (here) and grandmothers (here). Or could also click on the pictures above to grab the PDFs. After the PDFs load, you could either print them straight or right-click and choose 'save as' if you want to save it in your hard drive. With the banner on the top of the page, the idea is that so you could fold the questionnaire in three and fit it into a DL envelope. Mind you that this questionnaire is designed for A4 paper. If you are using Letter size paper, the layout will look slightly different on paper.

Anyway, that's it and I hope you have fun filling them in!