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Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! I know that it's been 2 months and a half since I've gone MIA but let me wish you all a very happy new year! Time flies, huh? Before you know it, March is already here. I'm so sorry for neglecting this website for so long, but the truth is, the past months have probably been the busiest in my life as I'm juggling the kids, holiday and some freelance works (to be honest, it feels like I'm losing the juggle somehow). I'm excited about doing illustrations for some infographics, but since the project is not final yet I can't say anything yet about it. I've also been involved in designing website for a wellness school, more about that later. Aaanddd.... there are also my girls' birthdays and some mini renovation so things are certainly never ending for me for now. Not that I complain as being busy is always great, but I do miss my drawing and updating my website, and there is also the little guilt that lurks deep within as I have made a promise with myself to be more regular in my comic delivery. 

Nevertheless, here I am! Things might be a lot slower with all this business in my life, but I never plan to abandon this comics strip .  However, I do learn that building up comic reserve takes so much energy and time so I really admire other comic artists who are also parents themselves. My Miss E is starting pre-school this year, but that doesn't mean she will be going to school full time. No, schooling full time is still 2 years away, although I have to admit, with the time rolling faster than ever, 2 years will past in a blink of an eye, so I'm determined to invest more on my children and make as much memories with them as possible. After all, this comics will not be here without them in my life. This is their childhood journal, after all. 

Anyway, here is the new comic strip. It comes from the reserve that I have, but I just couldn't keep it any longer (I really really haven't had any chance to draw (T^T)). There is no really deep thought behind it, I just want to draw this for myself. People who are close to me probably know how much I love my fringe and how much I took care of its appearance by myself. This is just something that happened awhile back. I hope this brings a smile to your face. One thing is clear, though, life with kids is never boring - there may be tears, laughter and even anger, but boring has certainly never been the case.

PS. This is one of the hardest comics I've ever drawn. I really hate drawing scissors.... T_T can't never get it right even with the help of a mirror. 

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