Overruled by Girls!

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Our Family is overruled by girls...

...it's true! We have always had more girls than boys born in the family for some reason. I also notice that it didn't only affect my generation. My grandma is the youngest of nine children, among which only two are boys. The X chromosome is strong in my grandma's side of the family. My mum is the second of 5 siblings, and again there are only 2 males born in the family. In my generation, I am the eldest of nine grandchildren, and we have more girls than boys, especially in the first half of the set. And as we multiply once again we speculate on the strength of our X chromosome, and so far my sister, my cousins and I have managed to produce five girls and one boy in total.

Woohooooo...!! Girl power!!

Not that I complain. Girls are lovely, and I always want to have girls (of course, boys are lovely too, and occasionally I do wonder how it feels to have a son). My children and their cousins bond so well, and together they come up with the most interesting games a child could ever think of (makeshift talent show with all the adults gathered in one room as their audience, anyone?)

Most interesting is how they solve the lack of boys needed to fit in their sometimes gender-stereotyped pretend play (hands up anyone who never pretends to be mums or dads as a child). There has to be someone who is generous enough to be 'it'. I was one most of the time. At the beginning we switched roles, but after a while, the other girls expected me to do it. But the thing is - lucky for them - I didn't mind it at all, it was so much more fun to pretend to be a dad or a guy villain, after all. Besides, my childhood cropped hair made me suitable to play the role. 

Bearing in mind my play experience in the past, it is also interesting how this pattern is somewhat repeated in our family's younger generation. Only that it didn't exactly happen in the way I imagined - like, the eldest graciously made way for the younger ones. My eldest is assertive enough to let her sibling and cousins know that she won't settle for anything LESS than a second main character. Ah, the headache. There were lots of fights and tears. Being THE mum or princess is everything for them at this age.

But I'm not bothered. Before long, fights became terse negotiations, and negotiations became willingness to work together, and now they don't mind to be the 'dad' so long that they don't have to do the role all the time. 

Aaaah....I wish I'm a child, too!

I wonder if boys have the same problem, though...

Oh yeah, this comic strip is actually a prequel to what happened in this comic strip. If you've read that one, now you can make the connection. 

BTW, I made this comics with my new Ipad pro and apple pencil. Isn't it a beauty?? I'm so proud of it. I still sketched and inked it on my drawing pad, only that I did the colouring completely in Ipad. Not that it saved me any time, using Ipad. But then again, I'm learning new ways to draw. I have to say I'm getting faster and faster. Now, is only real life doesn't interfere as much with my drawing ... *bawling my eyes out*

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