When A Child's Growth Takes You by Surprise

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When a child's growth takes us by surprise...

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I wonder why toddlers have such fascination with stickers. And that includes my little E (Miss O loves stickers, too, but at least she's not as obsessed as E.) I still remember the first time we introduced her to her first set of stickers when she just turned two. We stuck it on the back of her hand and she just stared at it for quite some time. She loves it! The next thing happened, she was fixated with trying cover as much surface as possible with her stickers, and before long she mastered the art of peeling off the stickers and often we would find them on books, paper, her own skin (and okay, my skin, too), and occasionally the furniture. But her favourite place to apply the stickies is definitely the skin.

As she gets older, stickers turn into some kind of trophy, especially after music or dancing classes or play groups or even visits to the doctor. She would do anything to receive her reward. And yet, despite her hard work in obtaining the precious reward, it hasn't yet crossed her mind to just simply stick the stickers on a notebook or something where she could adore them on permanent basis. To her, stickers definitely belong on the back of her hand. She fails to understand that applying her stickers on the back of her hand will only result in them losing the effectiveness of the adhesive backing.

Instead, I notice lately that she understands something else. Whenever she receives a sticker, she will attempt to get an extra. And she gives the extra to me or others who hold special place in her heart. Stickers bring her a lot of happiness, and she wants to share that happiness to the special people in her life. And isn't that the first step towards sharing and generosity?   

Toddlers learn in such fascinating way - and they change overnight in a blink of an eye.  

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Note on fashion: Btw, do you like what my characters are wearing? Hehe, I have so much fun dressing them. Too bad I don't actually owned the real pieces. I really love that maxi skirt by the Urban Outfitters. You can find it here if it's still available. The shoes are from ModCloth. Not as accurate as I want them to be, but not too bad, I think. Here's the real picture.  Edie is wearing something from kidsfinest.nl, but unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore. Here's the only picture of the dress I could find.Totally in love with the butterfly on the back of the dress. Too bad there is no adult size available (not even kid's size! >.<)