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Ballerina There Birthday Party | Printable Cake Topper

Yoohoo, people! How is everyone doing on this fine Tuesday morning? I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July for those who celebrate. I live in Australia, but all the pins and projects on the Fourth of July has brought in mind our very own Australia Day, which is the highlight of summer. It is cold and dreary where I am here at the moment, so excuse me while I'm dreaming of hot summer BBQ and riverside picnic for a moment. 

Anyway. Let's move on to the topic on hand - the ballerina party. Two months ago, my cousin has trusted me and a very good friend of mine - Maureen - to plan her daughter's 3rd birthday party. What an honour! Not only that, she also gave us full reign of the design aspects - within the theme and budget, of course. I was ecstatic! For those who haven't known me for a long time, planning children's party is a hobby of mine. It started with my own children's and somehow it expanded to include the children of my friend and family. 

Ahem..! SO, over the next few months, I am going to bring you some elements of the ballerina party. Maureen has very kindly allowed me to feature her beautiful designs in my blog. She was the master mind of the party, and she was in charge of designing the dessert table, while I am in charge of the cake and the dessert. 

So, what's in store for today? I thought I'd start with my own work and show you...the cake! Bear in mind that I'm not a professional baker, so it is not the cake itself I want to talk about, but this. The printable ballerina cake topper, which is available for download for all of you as a thank you for supporting me so far! The cake topper in the pictures below has been personalised, but the printable file just has a generic happy birthday in it. Unfortunately at the moment the Pdf is not available as editable.


There are two important elements in this ballerina birthday party. The first one is of course, the ballerina herself, and the second is the baby's breath bunches. And since Maureen decided to create the beautiful baby's breath wreath as the backdrop of the dessert table, I decided to incorporate the baby's breath element into my design as well. I'm very happy with the way she looks. I love the softness and the sweetness of it all. 

So how do I make the cake topper? Here's how. 

What you need

Ballerina printable - bamboo skewers - card stock - pen knife - glue - 20x20cm tulle - heavy duty thread - big needle    

Ballerina Theme Birthday Party Cake Topper | Instructions

Print ballerina onto thick stock paper. If your printer can't handle very thick paper, put two stock cards together after printing so you will have a stiff backing. This is important so that your ballerina is strong enough not to bend under its own weight. After you print and/or paste it onto a second sheet for extra strength, carefully cut out the ballerina.

DIY Ballerina Theme Birthday Party Cake Topper

Turn the ballerina over and glue bamboo skewer. Take care to reinforce the arm and wrist area. If you're afraid that the arms will bend, the alternative is to reinforce the cake topper like this:

DIY Ballerina Theme Birthday Party Cake Topper

While waiting for the glue to dry, sew the tulle skirt. Take 4 strands of thread together and make a knot big enough so that it will not slip through the tulle. Fold the piece of tulle into a rectangle,  sew a straight stitch and scrunch it into a skirt. When the skirt is done, run through another 4-strand, but this time don't knot the endings. Tie the skirt around the ballerina's waist instead.  

DIY Ballerina Theme Birthday Party Cake Topper

You're done!

DIY Ballerina Theme Birthday Party | Cake Topper
DIY Ballerina Theme Birthday Party Cake Topper

Cute, no? What about some cake action? Don't look at the cake too hard. I almost died when the cake turned out like the Tower of Pisa.

Ballerina Theme Birthday Party | Cake Topper
Ballerina Theme Birthday Party | Cake Topper

Terms and Conditions: you're welcome to use the ballerina printable, but only as cake topper and for personal use ONLY. Please contact me if you would like to use it commercially. Also, sharing is always great, and I encourage my readers to share, but please share only one or two pictures and always link back at Tickled Pink Confetti. Thanks very much! 

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