DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath + Printable Ballet Shoes Template

DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath + Printable Ballet Shoes Template

Hello, everyone! Today I'm returning with another DIY tutorial for my ballerina themed birthday party series. For those who are visiting for the first time, the Ballerina birthday party was a project collaboration that happened back in July for my cousin's daughter's 3rd birthday. My good friend Maureen, who was the mastermind behind the beautifully designed background and dessert table, has very kindly given me the permission to share a few aspects of her designs in my blog. In the first instalment of the series, I featured my DIY ballerina cake topper with the free printable template. This time I would like to present to you Maureen's beautiful baby's breath floral wreath and her ballet shoes silhouette. Here you will learn how to create the floral wreath and the ballet shoes silhouette, complete with free template. 

This floral wreath is not difficult to make, although I have to say you need to spare at least 3-4 hours the day before the event since we're working with fresh flowers here. Other than that what you need is patience and an eye for detail and a DIY spirit! For those who have no access to fresh baby's breath, you could also use artificial flowers. The beauty of this project is, you can use it for your home decoration well after the party is finished if you choose to use artificial flower. Another thing is you can also work with any flowers of your choice, but today's tutorial uses baby's breath. 

DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath Tutorial + Printable Ballet Shoes Silhouette Template

Floral wreath - You will need: 

 Florist green adhesive tape - bunches of baby's breath (or flowers or your choice) - wire (ours was 18 gauge) - strong scissors

Create tiny bunches of baby's breath, leaving about 5 cm of stem and wrap them individually with the green florist tape. Make sure the size of the tiny bouquets are fairly similar. Combine 4 strands of wire together for pliable strength and shape it into an upside down circular shape. Wrap the wires with florist tape. Arrange the baby's breath bunches along the shape to the same direction and tape it along, and you're done!

Tip: try to cut the stems of the first flower bunch as short as possible so that when you position it at the beginning of the wreath it is almost invisible. 

Now, you can put whatever you want in the middle of the flower wreath, but if you are interested in making the ballet shoes silhouette, here is the how. 

Ballet shoes silhouette - You will need: 

Ballet shoes template (A3 or A4/letter size)- cardboard paper - pink coloured fabric (apporx. 25x45cm or 10"x18") - glue stick - double-sided tape (I usually use Scotch tape, but this is optional if you want to use glue) - pencil - pen knife - a pair of scissors - pink satin ribbon (optional) - pva glue

Download the ballet shoes template and print. If your printer can handle printing A3 size, then download this pdf, but if not you can download this pdf instead and print it onto 2 separate A4 or letter size pieces of paper and join them. Trace your template onto your cardboard paper and cut the silhouette out.

Place the silhouette right side face down on the back of the pink fabric and start tracing 2 outlines: one around 1 cm (or .5") outside the edge, and one right on the actual shape itself. This will give you enough material to wrap the pink fabric over the ballet shoes silhouette.

After you're done, put the cardboard aside and cut from the outer edge in to form small tabs. Glue the silhouette and carefully place it back right inside the inner outline, taking care to pull the fabric to smooth any wrinkle or folds. After the fabric is properly stretched over the silhouette, fold the tabs over the edge and fasten them on the back of the silhouette using glue or double-sided tape. Make two satin bows and glue them on as pictured and you're done!

To fasten them on the wall, we use Command's picture hanging strips for the silhouette and hooks for the floral wreath. Blu-tack is also an option if you're worried about the wall paint peeling off, but Command's are quite reliable. 

So, what do you think? It is really quite adorable, no? Here are two more pictures of the wreath and the silhouette together. Pretty cool for a little girl's room, too, don't you think?  

DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath Tutorial + Printable Ballet Shoes Silhouette Template
DIY Baby's Breath Floral Wreath Tutorial + Printable Ballet Shoes Silhouette Template
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