5 Super Awesome Things about Cruising Motherhood with Your Sister


5 Super Awesome Things About Cruising Motherhood Together with Your Sister

I love my sister, and I have always been for as long as I remember. I am the eldest, but my memories have always been filled with her presence even from the beginning. My very first memory was of my uncle carrying me so I could peer through the huge glass window into a huge room full of babies, trying to look for my new baby sister. Afterwards, everything was a blur for awhile, but one thing is sure. My life would not be the same without her. She is always in the picture wherever I go - my childhood, my adolescence, my journey into adulthood. I remember fighting a lot with her as a young girl, but I also remember sharing lots of laughs and joy. And tears. 

Sibling Day has long passed, but you don't need one to acknowledge your love for your sister. And because the latest theme of my comic strip is about being a mother together with my sister, it is only appropriate to pay tribute to all the sisters in the world, older or younger. 

So here is my version of the coolest things about having a sister, especially one who goes through similar stage of motherhood as I am.

  1. Blood is thicker than water, and my sister accepts me the way I am without fail. 
    Even when she occasionally complained about me and my weird bad habits. But you know how sisters just turn a blind eye to our petty shortcomings because they simply love us unconditionally. In addition, different parenting styles do not affect how we feel about each other.
  2. We treat each other's kids like our own (well, most of the time)
    Our kids meet and spend time together regularly, so it is only natural we treat them equally in almost any situation. We love spoiling each other's kids, but we also will not hesitate to tell them off when the situation calls for it. And (hopefully) no one is offended when that happens.
  3. Playdates are twice as fun (for us)!
    Hellooo...need I say more? It's our own sister we're hanging out with! We even have our own brand of insider's jokes. Seriously, being around each other keeps us young. The gossip, the venting session and the conversation are as spontaneous and witty as ever! Which leads to...
  4. Our parents are still one of the hottest topics in our conversations
    No disrespect intended at all (we love you, mum and dad!), but there are times when our way clash with that of our parents', and sisters are the people we turn to vent because they just understand. And you know how grandparents are with their grandchildren. Some things are unstoppable.

    And last but not least...
  5. We know we can always fall back on each other whatever happens...
    Including the time when my little one bombed her diaper and my sister happened to be the only one available to change her. Ha! But kidding aside, it's really great to have someone who is always so loyal, honest and supportive that you know you can at least rely on her for a cuppa and a long, heartfelt chat.  

And here is the comic strip of the week, to sum up how fun it is to have your sister on your side on every stage of your life. Enjoy!

Playdate is So Much Fun (For Mum, Too)
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