12 Super Warm and Cozy Window Seats Inspirations for Your Home

We are planning on adding a cozy window seat in our brand new library room. Here are some of the window seat design ideas that we super like!

12 Super Warm & Cozy Window Seats Inspirations for Your Home

My husband is obsessed with the good old fashioned window seat. And when I said obsessed, he's really OBSESSED. To him, a window seat means the romantic notion of cuddling together after a good evening meal and a cozy place where we exchange the stories of the day or reading together as a family. Or napping peacefully as the soft daylight filtered through the blind. It would be a spot where our girls could hang out together, picture perfect like those vintage children illustrations. And I have to say, the dream rubs off me and I starts dreaming about such idyllic nook. Except that I got to inject a tiiiiiny bit of my wacky sense of eclectic nanna chic in it. That's the unspoken rule of decorating in this house. He got the big idea, I'll manage the decorating bit - within his approval, of course (sadly he still has the veto right - but, oh well! Fair enough!)  

Anyway, we are currently in the middle of creating our very own library, and we have decided early on that our library will have a WINDOW SEAT! Isn't that exciting?? I'm definitely excited! It's going to be DIY for sure, as we don't really have the budget to have someone custom-made it for us, and we will most probably head to our local IKEA, but that's the beauty in it. I certainly REFUSE to spend a huge amount of money on built-in window seat. Not that there is anything wrong with built-in, but at the moment my sensible inner housewife just couldn't live with me splurging on a brand new furniture while the ones at home are still in perfect condition. So yep, not now. May be later when circumstances change. 

I'm definitely going to show you pictures of our library makeover, but as for the moment, we're not ready yet. However, for those who are interested in including a window seat at your home, I'd love to share some of the most beautiful window seats/reading nooks. Best of all, the looks are all achievable with a little bit of ingenuity. Anyway, here are 12 of the prettiest window seat ideas according to yours truly, complete with anecdotes.

My favourites are the peach reading nook and the attic window seat as they have all the elements that I want to achieve: coziness, warmth and the casual/lived-in look. I don't want to have to tread carefully in my own home, so lived-in look is a must. Besides, the eclectic touch is a bonus since I'm always leaning toward that style. 

So, what do you think? Which one is your favourite look? If you have space for your own library, what kind of things you can't live without? 

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