Baby or Toddler? + The Cute Side of Terrible Two


Okay, people! Full scale tantrum, of course, is always demoralising (not to mention exhausting), but I have to confess that I occasionally find myself giggling quietly in the middle of a tantrum session for whatever reason. As some of you might have experienced, the terrible two phase could have been identified by how fickle, hard-headed, emotional and possessive a child can be. Gone is their adorable angelic demeanour.

Truthfully, I more often than not find E's tantrums more than a little annoying, but let's face it, everyone-with-a-two-year-old, a toddler's angry quip is a sign of a developed mind and this in itself could be a source of entertainment. (*Really??? Are you crazy, Veronika???*) I may be one of the few to feel this way, but there. I said it.

The following scenarios are just snippets of the reasons behind E's tantrums: Tutu skirt is a must, even on bedtime. No jacket over her favourite Disney Princess Shirt, please. Nobody is to take a measly piece of cereal from her bowl - I actually was rewarded with a full scale tantrum for 'stealing' her cereal, complete with the floor action. O calling her a baby (although she seems to be happy with the title Toddler). Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

When the giggling emerges, it's a funny feeling, really. At that moment, I know that the tantrum will not influence me emotionally and I feel free of anger. It is almost as if I am a bystander. Not far yet not quite involved. I just stood by her side, totally amused, horrified and fascinated by her sheer wilfulness. And it's probably just as well one could find humour in these situations, for in the end, it took a calm mother and a long hug for a 'baby' to let go of her tantrum.

BTW, I have off days, too! But that's a story for another time ...   

TAKEAWAY| Keep your wits and sense of humour with you at all times. Motherhood is tough, you don't know when these become handy.

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