Late! Late! Late!

Late! Late! Late! || A Comic Strip by Veronika Kahrmadji || Tickled Pink Confetti

Have you ever tried to get out of the house in the morning

only to have so many obstacles happening at the same time? 

Unfortunately things DO happen, and for some households, chaos is part of their morning routines. We try to be as organised as possible, but children and toddlers DO have different sets of priorities, and while we try to express our expectations as clear as possible, they also do tend to drift off in their own little worlds. They don't mean any harm, of course, but a continuous cycle of this will eventually wear us down and result in us losing control of our anger. Things like to-do list or reward system may help, but many times, nagging is the only way that works.

But having to do this morning routine for almost 4 years, it has also become evident that children do grow up, things will pass, and before we know it, all these every-day skills we teach start to take their roots and become part of their daily life. I'm confident and optimistic that will happen, even though badly-started mornings will always happen (in the most unexpected way, lol). At least one day I will look back and remember those bad mornings fondly. All part of their learning, I'd say. Perhaps we may even learn one or two things on time management ourselves. Well...except for the part when the baby suddenly decided to bomb her nappy juuuust when we're so ready to get into the car. For that, I rest my case. I just hoped that whoever meeting me that day would be forgiving and understand.

Q | It's your turn now! What's the worst thing ever happen when you try to head out of the house with your children? 

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