Mother and Grandmother Questionnaires {Mother's Day Free Printable}

With Mother's Day approaching in two days, I have just realised how unorganised I am. I guess this is the time for panicking, because guess what, Mother's Day will be here soon and I have nothing, nothing at all for my mum except for a Mother's Day card (in which Olivia so kindly wrote a personalised message on behalf of the other two grandchildren, too!) Luckily for me, I finally remembered the Mother's Day Questionnaire that I did a year ago *cringe*. I know, I know... but I suppose I can be forgiven because I'm trying to get this blog up and running smoothly really soon, can't I? 

Anyway, here are the printables. It's very simple, but I think it's perfect for very small children. Good exercise to indoctrinate them to love us mums and spoil us three-folds on Mother's Day *Muahahahahahahaha* I love the daisies, because for me daisies look just oh-so-innocent, and they are a reflection of childhood love.

Okay, enough philosophising. Here is the real deal.

Here are the links to download the questionnaires for mums (here) and grandmothers (here). Or could also click on the pictures above to grab the PDFs. After the PDFs load, you could either print them straight or right-click and choose 'save as' if you want to save it in your hard drive. With the banner on the top of the page, the idea is that so you could fold the questionnaire in three and fit it into a DL envelope. Mind you that this questionnaire is designed for A4 paper. If you are using Letter size paper, the layout will look slightly different on paper.

Anyway, that's it and I hope you have fun filling them in!