DIY Washi Tape Confetti Light Switch Decal

Remember my post on light switch makeover ideas? If you haven't read it you could read it here. There I listed some of the cutest light switch makeovers available in the Internet. And best of all, most of them are DIY, and will not actually take a long time to do. All you need is an afternoon all to yourself, happy thoughts and some elbow grease. Aaaaannnd..... as a good netizen of the world, I finally decided to make my very first contribution to the DIY universe the 'DIY washi tape confetti light Switch decal' tutorial!  Gosh, that's a mouthful. But I promise you, it IS doable, and before long you'll be absorbed in this little project.  So here we go.

DIY washi tape confetti light switch decal | Decor idea | Craft project | Home and Garden

How to make DIY Washi Tape Light Switch Decal part1 | Decor Ideas | Craft project | Home and Garden
How to make DIY Washi Tape Light Switch Decal | Decor Ideas part2 | Craft project | Home and Garden

What to do

  1. Place various strips of washi tapes on the paper surface. 
  2. Cut them into strips.
  3. Use hole puncher to make confetti. 
  4. Peel off paper from the back of the confetti.
  5. Stick the washi-tape confetti on the light switch plate in your desired pattern.

What you need

  1. scissors
  2. scrap paper - any paper will do
  3. various washi tapes the colours of your choice 
  4. single hole puncher - the normal one with the double punchers also works. 



Why use paper? Paper will actually help reinforcing the washi tape as the hole puncher moves through it. One thing to remember, though. When cutting the strips, include a tiny bit of washi-less paper on the edge and include a little bit of this when punching the confetti out (just very tiny so your confetti don't look like half moon). This will help peeling off your washi confetti. Trust me, I learn the hard way. The washi confetti should be repositionable so don't be afraid to make mistake. 

So that's that!

Very simple, right? It's perfect for an afternoon of craft together with your child (you peel s/he sticks, anyone?), and the result is so cute you couldn't take your eyes off it (well, at least it is for me...) Now, to give you an idea, you could also place the confetti to form neat rows of polkadots instead of sticking them randomly like what I just did. Or, if you are feeling so inclined, you could also cut the washi tape into a simple triangle or mouth and create smiley face just like the Cotton-On Kids decal I showed you before.

Anyway, I hope you have fun making this as much as I did. Here is the final look of the light switch decal. If you like the tutorial, please share it with your friends so they could enjoy it, too. Thanks for reading and until next time!

Q | When's the last time you did a mini makeover around your home? If you haven't done any decorating for a while, what do you wish you could have done?

DIY Washi Tape Light Switch Decal Tutorial | Decor Idea | Craft Project | Home and Garden

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