Decorating Inspiration 101 | Hip Light Switch Makeover

When it comes to sprucing up our home, there are parts of the house that we might overlook. Light switch is probably one of them. Still, it will be worth your while to pay more attention to the humble light switch. Don't you know that a dressed up light switch instantly brighten the mood of a room?

Decorating Inspiration 101 | Hip Light Switch Makeover

Well, I have been looking for something to dress up my light switches for quite some time now, and I was sooooo... happy when I came across these light switch decals at Cotton On Kids! The fact that they're intended for children's rooms did not deter me - they're just too cute to ignore! They are so sweet and perfect for my home, and they provide the eye candies that I so desperately need (I have to say - I'm a maximalist when it comes to decorating, so I just loooove myriads of tiny details and touches around the house). 

Anyway, here are the installed decals. 

Cotton On Kids light switch decal 01
Decorating Inspiration 101 | How to dress up your light switch

Cute, right? They would totally change the way you look at light switch. And every time I use the switch, I feel pleasure from looking at those smiley faces. I found a few more DIY inspirations that I listed below to get your creative urge going.

Clockwise from top left: brass lamp switch and chalkboard paint by Dimples & Tangles | washi tape light switch by Crab+Fish | gold leaf light switch cover by Sarah Heart | smiley face light switch decals by Henrietta Swift.

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