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Do you have a big or a quiet Christmas Tradition?

Hey, everyone! It's almost Christmas time, and as the end of the year is drawing near, I thought I would end the year with a Christmas special. Christmas is such an important day for us, especially that because our family is celebrating it not only as a holiday but also as the day Christ was born. For us, Christmas is not only a season of giving and kindness but also a season of reflection and prayers. 

And that's where it actually gets interesting for us...and the kids. You know, as of this very moment, my eldest still very much believes in Santa Claus, and if we are careful enough, she might probably still completely believe in Santa in the next few years (unless one of their mates break the news for them that Santa Claus, in fact, exists but in spirit only). And we intend to keep them innocent for as long as we're able.

You see, although my own family doesn't really practice elaborate Christmas traditions (no elf in the shelf, even though the kids have been wondering), but I remember Christmas full of warm and beautiful memories about the lights, trees, carols, Santa Claus and his reindeers. That is the reason why we made the efforts to relive those childhood memories for our children. We want them to experience the same magical moments that we experienced in the past ourselves, and like us, relive the experiences as adults with fond memories.

However, it is also very easy to blow Christmas out of proportion as too many presents and material things can lead to misunderstanding on what Christmas is all about. And as we're immersed in the desire to reward the children for their year-long good behaviour, it does not take a lot to go overboard. And the bigger Christmas family traditions/celebration you have, the harder it is to tread the fine line. I have to keep reminding myself to speak to my children that Christmas is really not about satisfying oneself with the presents but also about sharing and preparing oneself to be a better person next year. 

My children are still a little young and long winded explanation on the true meaning of Christmas might probably be lost in them. But for now, I'm just making sure that the children are grateful no matter how big or small are the presents they receive, and talk about how Christmas is much more meaningful shared with friends and family. 

I myself am constantly learning, and I couldn't help questioning myself every time I buy the children's Christmas presents. The boundary is there, it's just that in my excitement it is very easy to just keep buying the gifts. I too have to keep reminding myself that the presents are really just secondary and the important thing is about giving and sharing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new comic strip! Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year 2016 and see you next year!

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