Vacation Notice + Free Printable 2016 Calendar

Veronika's Little World || Webcomic || 2016 Free Printable Calendar in PDF

We're going on a long overdue vacation...

How's everyone doing? Hope you all manage to stay sane in this busiest time of the year. Things have been more than a little crazy over here for ourselves, what with works, end of year school performances, Christmas shopping and family gatherings, but I guess we have no choice but to soldier on (and find a bit of me-time here and there in between :p) 

That's why we decided to go on a long relaxing holiday after the end of year's festivities to recharge our energy. Veronika's Little World will be on holiday from 28 Dec 2015 to 1 February 2016. My apology for not being able to update during the break, but I promise to be back with more episodes and drawings after the school holiday ends! :)

I also would like to say a BIG thank you to all my readers who have stuck with me through my highs and lows in the past year. For you all, I have created a 4"x6" printable 2016 desk calendar. You could download the calendar here. The PDF will be opened in a new tab/window, and all you have to do is to right click and choose 'save as' option if you wish to print it later. Anyway, here's how the calendar looks like I took lots of pictures of it and I couldn't resist showing off a little bit ;-) I'm quite proud of how it turns like, haha. 

TERMS & CONDITIONS : For private use only. That means you could print the calendar as many times as you want to, but no selling or reusing the graphics for your own design or website without permission, please. I swear there will be consequences!
Veronika's Little World || Webcomic || Downloadable 2016 Free Printable Calendar
Veronika's Little World || Webcomic || Downloadable 2016 Free Printable Calendar
Veronika's Little World || Webcomic || Downloadable 2016 Free Printable Calendar

Some note about printing and displaying: If you do print it out, my advice is to print it on matt thick photo paper or something similar. As it 4"x6", you could always bring it to places  like Officeworks (in Australia) or maybe at Walmart in United States? Not sure where you could go in USA as I live in Australia. 

Mine was printed on drawing paper (probably around 250 gsm in thickness) and I used Epson printed (set on photo quality setting). I love how the watercolour effect looks against the paper grain. I also clipped the corners so they're rounded. 

As for the display, you could hang it using bulldog clip or even display it individually with washi tape or even pinned onto a cork message board. Or may be you prefer to make a makeshift stand? Try CD case! Take off the front CD cover and flip it over so that it can form a stand and take off the CD holder. I was lucky enough to own the stand in the pictures above.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy my little Christmas pressie. And if you like it please don't hesitate to share them with the people in you life. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!



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