Who's Who in Veronika's Little World?

Who's Who in Veronika's Little World? | Character Guide | Veronika's Little World | Webcomic

Who's Who in Veronika's Little World + Tickled Pink Confetti's change of direction

I have been drawing and writing Veronika's Little World for a little over 6 months now, and I'd like to celebrate a little by doing something a little mundane such as writing a character guide for my comic strip! And I also would like to take the opportunity to write a little about which direction the blog and the comic strip are going. As some of you already know, Huffington Post picked up my comic strips and wrote a nice coverage about them (it's here if you're interested in what they said about it). I'm naturally very excited, and this development has made me think about what I really love about my blog. So far I've been writing about art, craft and home and garden as well as drawing the comic strip, but at the moment I am at this intersection where I have to choose which one I'm truly enjoying writing about. And this is my decision.

I choose to expand the comic strip.

I know that some of my readers are probably more interested in the craft side of the blog rather than the comics, but I started this blog in the first place because of my love of drawing and my desire to go back to it after a very long hiatus. 

I will still write about personal home projects from time to time, but that will be more from personal journey perspective rather than trying to be the expert in the field. I love interior and craft and they will always be my second hobbies, but rather than coming with an original project I'd rather follow what other people or bloggers are coming up with.

So what does this mean? By focusing more on my comic strip, I will have more time to draw and produce better quality story and comic strip. I may even have more time to draw some illustrations as well. 

Does this mean updates on the comic strip will be more frequent? Unfortunately, not at the moment. Updates will still be bi-weekly every Wednesday at 6am Western Australian standard time. This will go on until I have built enough buffer to fall back to in case of emergency. At the moment I'm aiming for a 6-week buffer. I will be able to offer a weekly release after I achieve this buffer. The reason for doing this is because I want updates to be more regular and timely, which I think what all my readers deserve. 

I would like to thank those who have been part of the journey up to now (that inludes you, readers) and I hope you'll understand the need to define my journey forward. Thank you so much for always be there for me, and wish me luck in the journey ahead. 

So now, onto the character introduction/guide...

Who's Who in Veronika's Little World

The main characters

Character Guide | Veronika's Little World | Webcomic

Veronika  stays at home with her two cute but cheeky young daughters. She adores them, even when she is often at a loss of what to do with them. She loves dressing up her girls, but they don’t always cooperate with her (she refused to give up, though) She is also obsessed with creating a cosy home (on a budget) and often drives her family crazy with her cleaning regime and sudden impulse to redecorate the house. Her dream is to own a magazine-worthy home someday.  

Louie  is Veronika’s long-suffering husband who has to put up with the daily antics of his wife and children, although his great sense of humour definitely helps. He loves good food, marathon video games and group sports. He loves cooking, although his weakness is cleaning after himself. He is the complete opposite of Veronika - while Veronika often craves alone time, he loves people and being the center of attention in every gathering. 

Character Guide | Veronika's Little World | Webcomic
Veronika's Little World | HR

The Kids

Character Guide | Veronika's Little World | Webcomic

Ollie  is six years old at the beginning of the story. Being the oldest, she is a little bossy at times but takes her responsibilities as an older sister seriously. She’s a girly girl and loves dressing up. Although a little precocious at times, she is also sweet, funny, and she loves her family very much. Totally mama's little girl. Love to make her little sister play the boy in their pretend games. Thrives on warm hugs & kisses. Hates tidying up & practising her piano. 

Edie is two years old at the beginning of the story. She is the baby of the family, and she gets away with a lot of things. She’s a happy-go-lucky and relaxed child who loves playing outdoor in the sandpit or just simply digging the dirt (much to her mama’s chagrin). She loves helping out and doing things by herself, although she ends up making a lot more mess. Edie has nice soft hair which is often the object of mum’s hairdressing impulse, but so far she manages to get away. Interesting fact: Edie can sing in tune! 

Character Guide | Veronika's Little World | Webcomic
Veronika's Little World | HR


Character Guide | Veronika's Little World | Webcomic

Oma is Dutch for grandmother, and that’s how she is known to her grandchildren, although her real name is Klara. Oma is a dedicated grandma and an inspirational mother to both her children. Together with Opa (grandpa), her days are filled with spending time with the grandchildren and trying very hard to communicate well with them in English despite Veronika’s high hopes in her teaching the kids their original mother tongue.

Ella is Veronika’s little sister. Although a fair bit younger than Veronika, they grew up very close. Ella stays at home for her only daughter Emma, and hangs out very often with Veronika. Although she looks more mature than Veronika, she actually loves to rely a lot on her older sibling. Ella & Veronika share the love of clothes and shopping, although these days ‘shopping’ means browsing online store in the internet. Without buying anything, naturally.

Character Guide | Veronika's Little World | Webcomic
Character Guide | Veronika's Little World | Webcomic

Emma is Ella’s daughter and Ollie and Edie’s cousin. Emma is 3 years old. Even though an only child, she grows up to be the middle sister of the trio. Like Ollie she’s very girly and loves being the princess in every game and usually conspires with Ollie to persuade Edie to be the prince. Emma and Edie are the best of friends, being born only 5 months apart. Even though they fight a lot, they also miss each other terribly whenever they’re apart. 

Veronika's Little World | HR

And that's that for now from me! I hope you have fun reading about the characters in Veronika's Little World. Writing about them are fun and even though they are based on the real people in my life, I really love to think of them as people in their own right.  

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