When Halloween Comes

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When Halloween Comes

When I was a little girl, I didn't grow up with the Halloween tradition. In fact, I know nothing about it  until I was old enough to read about it in a book. And now as an adult, I don't feel the need to observe the traditional trick-or-treating as well as walking around the neighbourhood in costumes. Truth be told, I actually feel that Halloween is a bit of an excess, although now that I live in a western society I could see that the tradition is truly part of childhood and it will be fun looking back at those cute photos of our children in costumes. However, there is one thing I absolutely HATE about Halloween and it's the candies!

In fact, the children received so many candies that they were enough to fill in a big cookie jar! It's not that they devoured the candies entirely in the following week - what happened was the contrary. We've been carefully rationing the consumption of candies in our house that by the time the next Halloween is here, we still have quite a portion of the old candies (expired, of course). Off to the bin they go, and that's what I hate the most. Can you specifically guess what my Halloween pet peeve already?

Yep, wasting those nice perfectly fine candies and throwing them into the bin. That guilt you feel when you waste your food.  

Anyway, hope you enjoy this short Halloween comics. Want to know what Miss O will be wearing this year? Read on! ^_^

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