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My Life so Far...

It feels a little awkward to return to blogging after months of absence. But here I am, blogging again, with hopefully not so long delay between this one and my next post. So, a lot has happened. For those who know me well in real life, you probably know that I have been actively drawing some illustrations for a private project in the past few months. I've been moving very, very slow, mainly because at the same time I have also found a part time position as a graphic designer/social media coordinator.

There was also a very sad event in the family. My grandmother died just a few days after her 88th birthday in January. The passing has taken over a portion of the beginning of 2017, and I found it difficult to draw for awhile. Everything I drew seemed to manifest into a darker tone. My grandma is, after all, a figure who has very much helped raise me into the person that I am now. An intelligent and a smart lady, she has taught all of her granddaughters to excel in family life and in their careers. Heck, she even hoped I would be a doctor, one day. But aren't you glad I become an artist, instead?   

Anyway, I'm glad that I finally was able to finish this one! This one is too long overdue! It's based on this ongoing debate/discussion(?) at home about owning a pet. Even though I don't hate animals (and certainly don't like bad things happening to them) I am one of those who doesn't like to live with one, although my husband and kids really, really push me to have one. Namely, a dog. Three against one! But so far I'm still the winner...phew! I'm so thankful that they never ever go and get a dog behind my back. 

But I really love this piece of my memory where little miss O tried to negotiate with me. She was so honest and innocent. Still, I'm pleased to report that her negotiation skill has much improved since then, to my disadvantage. All good and how it should be. After all, what is parenting without a little negotiation thrown along the way?

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Getting Used to A Toddler's Fashion Sense is...

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A Toddler's Fashion Sense is...

...interesting if not exasperating. At the moment, our Miss E is going through a phase where she just wants to dress up in a certain way. It's not that she looks awful wearing her choice of wardrobe - she could look downright cute, even - but sometimes what she chose wasn't suitable for the rest of her day. But still, I guess one has to pick one's fight. There are many more matters that require more energy, and fashion sense is definitely not one of them, at least in my book. As long as she's dressing according to the weather and not taking the fancy tutu into the mud, she can wear whatever she wants. Funny, but I guess I have mellowed down after my second child. I am very style conscious, so I used to be very nitpicky about what Miss O was wearing. Luckily, E seems to be aware that once mud comes into her tutu, it will be very hard to get rid of the stain. 

Anyway, here's my Halloween comics. A little late, I know, but at least it's done. This is not what she finally wore for Halloween, but I just felt like drawing a little illustration on what she usually wears these days. And she could be very stubborn and demanding when it comes to matching her ideal outfit. Gosh, she could throw a whole tantrum just over it. 

That's that, for now. Enjoy!

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BTW, Edie didn't use to be this fashion conscious. Once upon a time, she even refused to have hairclips on her hair. Now she just has to have as many as she can :D

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